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AccuBliss - Micro Current Facial Rejeuvenation


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About Us

AccuBliss: Micro Current Facial Rejuventation

Welcome!  My name is Jennifer Dunham, and  I am looking forward to helping you look and feel younger!   I use a non invasive, micro current technique over your facial area, that stimulates facial muscles and increases collagen production.  After just one treatment, you will see a noticeable improvement in your facial colour and tone.  

Where is AccuBliss

I am located here in South Edmonton and have a number of packages to offer, depending on your rejuvenation needs and wellness goals.  We will work together to help you regain the facial and other wellness improvements you are looking for.

What Next?

This is a relatively new and most impressive technique - a face lift without the recovery time!   Clients leave with not only visibly lifted facial tone, but feeling extremely relaxed as well.  After one treatment, you will notice your face more clear, brighter and visibly lifted.  After 3-6 treatments, you will see gravity countered and looking more like your youthful self again!


You can see me at my home treatment room for your rejuvenation experience. Just send me an email if you wish to learn more, or book an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation.


I look forward to seeing you!  Until we meet, have a beautiful day!